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NOTEX GLASS - Anti-reflective cracking - road repair

Marquage CE


Road performance varies depending on the dynamic constraints and climatic variations to which they are subjected. To slow the progression of events such as reflective cracking or the premature ageing of roads, the NOTEX® GLASS reinforcing geocomposite is an effective and long-lasting solution for :

  • Rehabilitation of roads, platforms, paths
  • Construction of new roads
  • Widening works

NOTEX® GLASS prevents reflective cracking thanks to its high strength, low elongation and its positioning as close as possible to the area at risk. This product is bi-directional, which means that it demonstrates tensile strength in both manufacturing directions. The high strength and reinforcement properties of the NOTEX® GLASS geogrids are due to glass fibre cables combined with a polyester membrane.

NOTEX® GLASS C 100/100 AN benefits from a shrinkage-bending (reflective cracking rate) test report (conducted by CEREMA Autun), which notably demonstrates that the use of NOTEX GLASS C bitumen geogrids measurably slows the appearance of cracks in the event of asphalt-paved roads :

- By +40% compared with a sand asphalt solution
- x 2.8 compared with a 6cm SCAC solution (Semi-Coarse Asphalt Concrete)


  • Extended lifetime of roads
  • Delayed reflective cracking
  • Excellent adhesion between road layers due to the bitumen-saturated polyester membrane
  • Excellent connection between layers due to the aperture of the grid
  • Improved implementation due to pre-coating and savings in terms of emulsion
  • Product easy to install


Reinforcement Reinforcement


  • Reinforcing geogrid made of fibreglass
  • Polyester geotextile membrane (fastening purpose)
  • Strength : 50 kN/m to 100 kN/m in each direction
  • Roll width : 1 m to 5.20 m
  • Roll length : 100 m


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