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Policy regarding the use of cookies

A cookie is a file uploaded to your computer when you visit certain websites. Cookies are notably used by these websites to store and retrieve information on the browsing habits of website users or their hardware and, based on this information, to recognise them.

However, the data obtained is limited. It only pertains to the number of pages visited, the town/city where the IP address used to log into the website is located, the frequency and recurrence of the visits, the duration of the visit, the browser, the operator or the type of terminal from which the visit is made. Data such as the user’s surname, first name or postal connection address can never be obtained.

The cookies used on this website and their specific purpose are as follows :

PHPSESSIONID : expires at the end of the session. This cookie is used to track user navigation during the session, to retain the information entered by the user in the fields provided for this purpose when they change pages, and to ensure browsing quality and security on the site’s web pages.

XXXgp and XXXgpBAK : expire after 3,600 minutes. This cookie is used for load balancing purposes, so that the user can remain on the same host server for the entire duration of their session.

_ga and _gat : expire after 30 minutes. This cookie collects data on the use of our web pages and is used for statistical purposes.

cb-enabled : expires after 365 days. This cookie is used to hide information on the use of the website’s cookies and is only installed when the user agrees to their use.

You may authorise, block or delete the cookies installed on your workstation by configuring the options in your browser. For the most popular browsers, you will find information via the following links :

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari

We would like to inform you that disabling a cookie may prevent or hinder navigation or the provision of the services on offer on our website.


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