DRAINTUBE FT/UV - Leachate drainage on slopes

Marquage CE


Leachate drainage on landfill slopes helps reduce the hydraulic load on the geomembrane and increase the effectiveness of the waterproofing system. In addition to drainage, the geomembrane must be mechanically protected by a DRAINTUBE® FT/UV geocomposite to prevent punctures when processing waste. This protection must withstand climatic stress (rain, wind, Ultraviolet radiation) during the entire cell filling phase.

The anti-UV treatment of its filter ensures protection from UV rays for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.

Connection to the collector via the Quick Connect system

The Quick Connect system directly connects the mini-drains from the DRAINTUBE® FT/UV to the main collector drain. In the event of gas drainage, it generates negative pressure in the entire system.



  • Optimised leachate collection in the cells
  • Reduced hydraulic load on the geomembrane
  • Waterproofing geomembrane protected against puncture
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation during the entire cell filling phase
  • The green filter helps the site blend into the landscape


Drainage Drainage
Filtration Filtration
Mechanical protection Mechanical protection


  • Polypropylene geocomposite
  • Roll width : 3.90 m
  • Roll length : 50 m
  • 3 diameters of perforated mini-drains : 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm
  • 4 possible distances between mini-drains : 200 cm, 100 cm, 50 cm and 25 cm


Technical data sheet
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