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ALVEOGAZ - Water and gas drainage under ponds - HS

Marquage CE


Ponds can be built on soil made up of organic materials likely to release gases when decomposing, which may result in irreversible deformations of the waterproofing layer. Drainage under the geomembrane is therefore essential for the stability and durability of hydraulic structures.

ALVÉOGAZ® drains gases underneath the geomembrane toward the crest of the slope and towards gas freeing vents.

Depending on the pond’s surface area, ALVÉOGAZ® may be installed in parallel strips, side by side, regularly spaced 10 meters, across the pond. It is implemented on 20% of the pond’s surface area, between the puncture-resistant geotextile and the geomembrane, attached to the geotextile in hot spots.

ALVÉOGAZ® can also be unrolled on DRAINTUBE® FT at the crest of the slope to discharge gases towards the gas freeing vents positioned at the edge of the pond.


  • Solution replacing the traditional collector drain at the edge of ponds to discharge gases towards gas freeing vents
  • Flexible, light product


Drainage Drainage
Filtration Filtration
Mechanical protection Mechanical protection


  • Polypropylene geotextile
  • Width of the strips : 0.55 m
  • Roll length : 50 m
  • Roll weight : 14 kg


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