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ALVÉODRAIN F - Protection and drainage of basement walls

Marquage CE


When building structures, there is a risk of run-off water stagnation when in contact with the walls, which may jeopardise the longevity of buildings. This is why the foundations must be protected with a drainage system.

The consecutive retaining walls construction technique is increasingly used in major urban areas where space is becoming scarce.

ALVÉODRAIN® F, in permanent formwork or consecutive retaining walls, is intended to be installed vertically, on the filter side, against existing soil. It is temporarily fastened with nails before steel reinforcements are installed. It simultaneously protects and drains run-off water discharged via a weep hole.

ALVÉODRAIN® F can also be installed against retaining walls, engineering structure abutments and along buried walls, in the same way as ALVÉODRAIN® Ev. In this case, it is subject to a technical certificate validated by CSTB.



A FDES has been published (Fiche de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire / Environmental and Health Declaration Sheet)  and is available here

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  • 30% installation time saved
  • Two uses : installed along buried walls or on consecutive retaining walls
  • 3 basic functions in just one operation: drainage, filtration and mechanical protection
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution which avoids the use of drainage materials at the bottom
  • Product less fragile and brittle than competing products


Drainage Drainage
Filtration Filtration
Mechanical protection Mechanical protection


  • Polypropylene geocomposite
  • Roll width : 1.10 m
  • Roll length : 50 m
  • Roll weight : 34 kg
  • Maximum construction height : 3 m
  • Output : 260 m2 installed per day by 2 people


Technical data sheet
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