DATE : 01/10/2023

AFITEXINOV launch its new

Natural slopes soil cover is usually subjected to the first impact of climatic conditions. Rain, freezing & wind all are main triggers of slope stability failures. This impact gets more and more profound over time.
Leaving this untreated leads to deeper instabilities and may well impact the overall stability of the slope itself, resulting in significant restauration costs and potentially a threat to life & assets.

With AFITEXINOV huge expertise in this field, we have identified few remedial ideas to provide solutions to mitigate the impact subject to each slope condition. Therefore, our new patented solutions - the AFITER® 3D range - is designed to offer first of its kind innovation to combine various products &
techniques to mitigate practically all situations thanks to AFITEXINOV group exceptional technical and manufacturing capabilities.


AFITER® 3D G is the base product in the range.
It is a soil retention geocomposite composed of:

  • a flexible three-dimensional reinforcement geogrid
    made from synthetic reinforcement cables (PET, PVA,
  • a nonwoven protection geotextile made of


Key advantages of this solution:
• Stabilises the soil,
• Maintain topsoil or granular materials in place,
• Controlling erosion caused by climatic conditions,
• Encourages revegetation.

AFITER® 3D G can also be used to protect geomembranes if used, thanks to its protection geotextile. It thus enhances the stability of a layer of fill material
on an embankment by increasing the friction between this fill layer and thesup port (excluding climatic aggression, but simply due to slippage). The forces due to the weight of the soil are not absorbed by the geomembrane.

" Immediate tensioning with no shearing effect "


The AFITER® 3D range is particularly well suited to :
• Road infrastructure,
• Capping waste storage facilities (ISD),
• Hydraulic structures

It offers a better ecological result that is commensurate to the landscape. This solution retains moisture, which encourages a better and stronger vegetation on slopes and embankments.

Installing this soil-retaining solution is extremely quick and easy, as it unrolls just like a standard geotextile.
The product does not need to be anchored or hooked into the slope. It only needs to be fixed at the top, and its flexibility means it can adapt perfectly to the slope thanks to the uniquely arranged reinforcing HT PET cables.


" For slopes & embankments up to 3H/2V "



combines a
geogrid with a
protecting nonwoven
geotextile. This is the
classic version of the
The protecting geotextile
is replaced by a finer
geotextile, allowing roots
to pass through for deeper
root anchorage in the
embankment, ideal for
shrub-like vegetation.
In this variant drainage
function is added
to AFITER 3D® G is
combined with the
DRAINTUBE® drainage
AFITER® 3D 0/100
The reinforcement is
crosswise, making it
particularly suitable for
small slopes, so that
the product can be
rolled out horizontally
to save installation


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