DATE : 18/06/2024

Environmental performance of GEOTER® WPET throughout its life cycle

An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is an official and certified document which contains detailed, quantitative and verified information based on environmental and health impacts throughout LCA of the products. The latest registered declaration by AFITEXINOV concerns the GEOTER® WPET range. 

This document presents the environmental and health aspects of the GEOTER® WPET range associated with production, such as raw material, energy acquisition, use and efficiency, content of materials and chemicals, packing, emissions to air, land and water, transport and waste generation.

The relevant standard for EPD is ISO 14025. AFITEXINOV is already certified within this same ISO-fourteen thousand series for the quality and security management systems. 

This EPD is thus and additional level of certification to provide the necessary confidence and transparency to customers, professionals and product developers in the environment field.

Four other products Afitexinov are also involved by this certification:

  • NOTEX® C


GEOTER® FPET was already certified in 2021.


More information on EPD website