DATE : 17/05/2024

A New Brochure for Contaminated Sites & Soils



When rehabilitating former industrial sites with polluted soils, it is extremely costly to treat and dispose of the polluted soil. The noxious nature of the gases present on site sometimes presents a health risk, requiring gas drainage combined with EVOH geomembrane waterproofing.The AFITEXINOV solution, consisting of 3 layers, is quick and economical to implement, as it enables polluted soil to be kept on site by confining it.
  • DRAINTUBE® GAZ  is the first layer of this complex dedicated to polluted sites and soils. This draining geocomposite creates a preferential drainage path and prevents any accumulation of gas on the underside of the geomembrane under the building.
  • AFIFLEX® EVOH is the second layer of the complex. It is applied directly to the
    This EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) membrane is made up of 7 coextruded layers, and its technical features enable it to contain gases under the building.
  • AFITEX® ST 300 is the third layer of the complex. It is applied directly to the
    The AFITEX® ST 300 needlepunched nonwoven geotextile protects the EVOH membrane thanks to its anti-puncture function.


Quick to install in both new construction and renovation projects, this complete solution has been proving its worth for decades.


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